Vapor Couture – In Depth Feature Review

Vapor Couture: Stunning Design, Slimmest E-Cig Ever

The Vapor Couture e-cigarettes are made with the core of the classic V2 Cigs technology, but with an outer appearance made for the fairer sex. The most important thing about the appearance of this electronic cigarette is how slim it is.

And this thing, especially compared to every other e-cig on the market, is incredibly skinny and compact. Most electronic cigarettes out there are of the kr808d-1 variety. They are miniature, but not really that skinny or classy. The slimness of the Vapor Couture e-cigarettes makes it an incredibly classy device to use. Imagine those classic pictures of women smoking a tobacco cigarette with those long, elegant cigarette holders. That’s the e-smoking version of Vapor Couture!

But beyond the slimness and class of this new line of e-cigarettes, you have to take the color and design into account. Vapor Couture products come in four different colors: Deep Purple, Stainless, Rose Gold and Signature. They are all classic colors that can fit any woman’s fashion. But there’s more. The flavor cartridges for these Vapor Couture e-cigarettes come in these very same colors. You can match all of your flavor cartridges to the batteries that you chose, or you can mix and match to find a style that suits you and your personality. No matter which way you slice it, Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are a classy and beautiful option for women e-smokers.

Vapor Couture Pricing and Coupon

Vapor Couture starter kits start from only $89.95 once you include our 15% off coupon. Including the coupon, the starter kits are priced as follows: the VC Essentials Kit is $84.95, the VC Deluxe Kit is $127.45 and the VC Deluxe Sampler Kit is $135.95. We’ll go over the contents of each of these kits in the next section.  Considering that Vapor Couture is an e-cigarette product that embodies both fashion and function, these deals are pretty tremendous. You get the quality that we’ve come to expect from V2 Cigs, an e-cig giant, combined with the awesome fashion statement that they’re making with this line.

Vapor Couture makes a great, inexpensive gift for those ladies in your life who you know want to quit smoking but just haven’t been pushed over the edge yet. Finding a Vapor Couture starter kit in their stocking, under the tree or in a box for their birthday is just the nudge that most women need to finally put down those tobacco cigarettes. If you are a woman, than treat yourself to a life of vapor instead of that horrible life of tobacco smoke.

Vapor Couture Review - Your Comprehensive Guide to The First Fashion-Forward E Cigarette Brand Made With Females Only In Mind!

 Vapor Couture Review Independant

Did you know that 65% of electronic cigarette smokers are women? Well it’s true. And yet, e-cigarette companies continue to pump out products that are aimed toward men! Black e-cigs, white e-cigs, orange LED tips and boring old flavors have been the norm since e-cigarettes have become popularized. Sure, some companies have produced a little pink e-cig and offered fruity flavor cartridges, but nobody had created an entire line of electronic cigarettes that are made only for women. Until now. The same company that brings you the best electronic cigarette brand of them all, V2 Cigs, has released a line of e-cigarettes called Vapor Couture. It’s an e-cigarette that is made for women; stylish and functional, slim and full-bodied, beautiful and powerful.

3 Fabulous Vapor Couture Starter Kits To Choose From

Vapor Couture E CIgarette Starter Kits - V2 Performance With The Best Look Around

Even the least expensive Vapor Couture kit, the VC Essentials Kit, is worth $89.95. And that’s not chump change. So what exactly comes in these starter kits that makes Vapor Couture worth the ninety dollars and up that you will pay for them? Let’s go over each of the three Vapor Couture starter kits and take a look at what’s inside them.

Vapor Couture Essentials Kit – $89.95 (w/ coupon)

  • 2 Brushed Platinum Lithium Ion Batteries (in the style of your choice)
  • 2 5-packs of Flavor Cartrdiges (in the color, flavor and strength of your choice)
  • 1 Mini Smart Charger
  • 1 Wall Charger

This is, obviously, the essential kit. It comes with everything you need to get started with Vapor Couture, but none of the fancier bells and whistles of the other two kits. $90 for 10 flavor cartridges and 2 batteries is a great deal no matter how you look at it, but when you factor in the fact that they are Vapor Couture products, you have the makings of a truly amazing deal.

Vapor Couture Deluxe Kit – $127.45 (w/ coupon)

The Deluxe kit comes with the same things as the Essentials kit, with a couple of great extras. They are:

  • 1 Vapor Couture Clutch Bag
  • 1 Vapor Couture Bracelet and Charm

The Vapor Couture clutch bag really makes the deluxe starter kit worth the extra money. It’s a fashionable accessory that fits well with any outfit, and it holds your batteries and cartridges really nicely. The charm bracelet is also awesome because it allows you to carry your Vapor Couture e-cigarette on your wrist when you’re on the go! Whatever way you slice it, the accessories included in the Deluxe Kit make it worth the extra cash.

Vapor Couture Deluxe Sample Kit – $135.95 (w/ coupon)

The Deluxe Sampler Kit is only a bit different than the Deluxe Kit. It comes with all the same things; the 2 batteries, the clutch bag, and the chargers.

The key difference is that there is a lanyard instead of a charm bracelet, and it comes with a 5-pack of each flavor cartridge!

We’ll go into the flavors more a bit later, but you get 5-packs of the following: Bomb Shell, Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, and Rodeo Drive. They all come in the color and strength of your choice This is meant to be a sampler pack. So basically you pay $8 more and get 2 extra 5-packs!

Vapor Couture Refill Cartridges

Vapor Couture Refills and Flavor Cartridges

After you use the initial flavor cartridges that come in your starter kit, you will have to order refill cartridges. Vapor Couture makes this process extremely easy and even a bit exciting. We will talk about the specific flavors in the next section, but here we will talk about things like flavor cartridge color and strength. Vapor Couture flavor cartridges come in the four different colors: Deep Purple, Brushed Platinum, Rose Gold and White Signature. So no matter what battery you have, you can match it to these refills. Or you can mix and match for your own unique, Vapor Couture look!
Beyond simply choosing the color, you can also choose the strength of your flavor cartridges! Vapor Couture refills come in the following strengths: Lite (0mg), Lite (6mg), Medium (12mg), and Full (16mg). These strengths, if you didn’t know already, are based on how much nicotine is in each cartridge. You’ll want to choose the strength based on how many tobacco cigarettes you used to smoke. The common rule of thumb is that if you smoked a pack a day, you will probably want to go with the Full strength. The cool thing is that they also offer the 0mg refills so that you can eventually work down to no nicotine and quit the nicotine habit for good!


BUYING TIP: While often with different e-cigarette manufacturers the top priced, premium kit includes bloated extras you won’t actually use. Measuring up the 3 Vapor Couture starter kits however I am going to recommend that if you can manage the cost to splurge for the Vapor Couture Deluxe Samples Kit – for one main reason, the bundling of a 5-pack of each of the flavors from VC (working out to less than half price if you bought them on their own).

“BUT WAIT, I KNOW I ONLY LIKE MENTHOL” – When switching to e-cigarettes one of the most common and unexpected experiences that users find is how much they like flavors – including the very non-traditional options (more are on their way to VC, you can expect many of the V2 Cigs flavors to be released in VC refills i expect) – I almost exclusively vape fruity flavors myself, and you wont know how you react until you try them.

That’s a great price working out to $4 each refill pack. It’s great because you can test out all of the Vapor Couture flavors and figure out which ones you like so you know when you go to order more.

The Deluxe Sample Kit is the best deal of them all; you get the great accessories, the essentials and the sampler flavor cartridges for one great price.

Vapor Couture Flavor Choices

Vapor Couture Flavors

The same brand that makes V2 Cigs released a whole new line of flavors for the Vapor Couture line. They came up with six awesome, feminine flavors that perfectly fit the look of Vapor Couture with a taste to go with it. Four of them are available for purchase now, and the other two are coming soon. I ordered the Deluxe Sampler Kit, so I received all four flavors and reviewed them all for you! Before I start, let me just tell you that they are all awesome and I enjoyed them all, but they each deserve their own review.

Vapor Couture Flavors Currently Available

BombshellBombshell is made for people who love Turkish tobacco products. If you love Turkish Royals or any sort of stronger tasting tobacco, than you will probably love Bombshell! I really enjoyed the taste. It was rich, hearty and really made me feel like I was smoking a real tobacco cigarette.

Rodeo DriveFor the All-American tobacco smokers out there, Rodeo Drive is for you. It’s made to taste like the classics, like a Marlboro or a Winston. I can tell you that, as a former Marlboro 27 smoker, the Rodeo Drive flavor really did the trick. It tasted just like a classic tobacco cigarette, without the odor or the damage to my lungs!

Fresh MintI know that I always loved the occasional menthol cigarette. The taste is just different, unique and cool. And the Fresh Mint flavor tastes just like a Newport! I loved switching it up from the classic tobacco flavors to something like this. It tasted minty delicious.

Passion FruitThis was by far my favorite flavor. Unlike the previous three flavors that mimicked classic cigarette flavors, Passion Fruit is a fruity, delicious flavor that changes everything about smoking. I love the taste; it satisfied my sweet tooth and was simply a true delight to smoke.

 Vapor Couture Accessories

A woman’s line of e-cigarettes would be nothing without some awesome accessories! And Vapor Couture currently has three accessories that really make this a woman’s brand unlike any other. The Vapor Couture Clutch Bag, Charm Bracelet and Lanyard are three great accessories that I haven’t seen from any other e-cigarette brand on the market. Far and away the gem of the Vapor Couture line of accessories is the Clutch Bag. This thing is beautiful. It comes in three different colors: black, bronze and brown. They are hard shell cases with insides of black leather that will easily hold two Vapor Couture e-cig batteries and 4 cartridges. When you’re out on the go, there is nothing better than the Vapor Couture Clutch Bag.

The bracelet and lanyard can also both be used to carry your Vapor Couture e-cigarette. They both come with what the company calls a “Charm” that will hold onto your electronic cigarette as you go about your business. The bracelet obviously goes on your wrist, and the lanyard can go around your neck or on your keychain. When it comes to these Vapor Couture accessories, it all depends on how you plan to use your e-cig on the go. If you want to constantly have it by your side, the bracelet may be a great option. If you want to be of the utmost style, than you can’t go wrong with the Clutch Bag.

Vapor Couture Shipping and Customer Service

Vapor Couture is produced by the top electronic cigarette company in the world. They are called VMR and they produce the number one e-cigarette line in the world: V2 Cigs. So, considering that Vapor Couture is a product of VMR, you can be sure that you will get the ultimate customer service that everyone has come to expect from them. Vapor Couture will give you want you want, whether that be fast, quality shipping, superior customer service, or both.

V2 is time and again rated as the e-cigarette company with the best customer service. They’re always available to talk, they always have products in stock and they don’t miss a beat. Add on to this that they have partnered with mega-shipping company UPS to offer faster and more effective shipping, and you have a recipe for a company you can trust with all your e-smoking needs.

Vapor Couture User Guide

For those of you unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, I’ll quickly explain how to use Vapor Couture products once you receive it in the mail! The first thing you want to do after opening the package is to charge up those batteries! Plug that charger into your wall, screw the battery into it, and, with all the patience you can summon, wait for the light to turn from red to green. Once it’s charged, you finally get to start vaping!

Take the battery that you just charged up and screw one of your flavor cartridges onto the end. Inhale and feel that soothing vapor hit the back of your throat! Exhale and do it all over again. And that’s about all there is to it. Once you use up the flavor cartridges that came in the kit, you’ll have to head over to to order more! Eventually you may have to replace your battery, but don’t worry about that for now. They last for a long time – though make sure to get in the habit of charging one while using the other, to be honest picking up a third if you can isn’t a bad idea as there isn’t much worse once you start vaping then finding yourself without charge to do so.

And this is how you use a Vapor Couture e-cigarette! It’s actually about as simple as lighting up used to be, minus the hassle of finding a lighter (not to mention the fire hazard).


Before I wrap up this in depth look at the new Vapor Couture brand, I wanted to close with what may seem a tad geeky or over the top of an observation to include – but I really think it an interesting point (here’s the obsessive e-cigarette fanatic in me having to get in a few last words).


Vapor Couture Has Already Proven To Be A Real Industry Milestone  (skip if too boring!)

At the risk of sounding overly bombastic and perhaps needlessly philosophical in my view of the evolution of the e-cigarette industry, I came to an interesting realization while thinking about the unique attributes of Vapor Couture while preparing this review. I have been a keen observer and enthusiastic participant in the e-cigarette “movement” ever since I got my first e cigs just over 4 years ago now.

In contrasting the quality and standards of today’s e-cigarettes against those of 2008 and 2009, it is easy to see how very far we have come in terms of today’s models which in general DO achieve their intended goal if not supplanting them with a more satisfying experience than tobacco ever could (assuming you aren’t buying 3 year old models some vendors sadly are still peddling). Frankly back then most e-cigs did a better job at hinting at the potential that was possible but not quite there yet; even the better of those earlier models like the ‘super’ or the ‘dse-901’ simply weren’t able to deliver a consistent and satisfying experience like today’s leading brands  like V2 and Vapor Couture can and do so well. (all were 3-piece units with messy cartridges and generally poor performance, sadly some vendors are still selling these as though an e cig is an e cig is an e cig – not the case at all).

My assertion that claims Vapor Couture to be a “milestone” for the still-young ecig industry isn’t due to the kinds of things I have often termed milestones in the past – things like the first cartomizer and 2-piece e cigs, the emergence of lower resistance atomizers/cartomizers that produce way nicer vapor, the introduction of manual batteries (and those with enough battery life to last more than a few puffs!) These and MANY other technical innovations were clearly centered squarly on performance, while inching closer to becoming a real viable cigarette alternative rather than a noticeable compromise. Up until now when I have said something marked a milestone it inevitably surrounded some such technical advancement or other.

Vapor Couture offers the most finaley detailed and slip e cigThe milestone Vapor Couture represents to me is something altogether different; it marks perhaps the first new e-cigarette product line or brand that has been able to almost take it for granted, or make the performance and satisfaction part seem easy and a done deal (at least in the hands of a market leader such as V2 Cigs) while making the whole focus of the endeavor that of something as liberating as fashion and fun! Vapor Couture has, among many other things, made it clear that constantly striving to eek out ever-better performance and “vapor intensity” from the technical insides of our beloved little futuristic electronic smoking stand-ins is no longer where the action is – and I think that is a great thing. I really cements the fact that the ecigarette is getting past the fad phase and has fully arrived.

Rather than differentiate itself with some new vapor boosting, technical new twist of (frankly a little nerdy) voltage tweak or update – Vapor Couture has instead, almost in a devilishly cheeky way (in a way spoiled! As the brand couldn’t focus on what it does had the tech NOT been mature enough, but it is….) been able to make the focus of their innovation about fashion, chic, identity about making an ecig that screams sleek, petite, sophisticated and – frankly – expensive (though it isn’t).

V2 has taken the ecigarette know-how they have perfected with their main brand and sculpted it into a very cool product line – deliberately choosing to target women with a thing for fashion, who Vapor Couture is bound to attract with its personality and class – how it feels to hold, the tasteful jeweled LED tips – matching cartomizer colors and prints, and very significantly in an expanding lineup of fashionable accessories to accompany the delightfully petite and yet in no way under-performing. It is truly amazing what this micro ecig is capable of – frankly it is very much comparable to V2 Cigs main line – albeit the automatic batteries as manual options aren’t available for Vapor Couture – I expect purposefully to keep things simpler.

Vapor Couture Review 2012 – The Bottom line

In conclusion I am more than a little impressed with what the V2 team have accomplished already  with Vapor Couture – I know there is more in store in terms of an expanded product line and selection in all areas, but VV is already an absolute knockout that I am certain will stand the test of time, despite being a new thinner format and construction, I have strong faith in V2 Cigs from how well they have handled the growth of their flagship line that I can say with all confidence investing in a Vapor Couture e cig kit won’t result in disappointment from an inexperienced or incapable business backing it up.

the Vapor Couture e-cig line is a stunning new brand of vapor cigarette, which balances awesome performance with style that cannot be matched. The small size does inevitably mean shorter battery life, but I was very surprised how well both the batteries and cartomizers held up … gone are the days of only getting an hour worth of use between charges. This is a full fledged and exciting new product – and one I can wholeheartedly recommend.

James Oliver